Types of Trucks

Ren Potterfield Trucking, Inc. provides solutions to all your transportation needs. Serving Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. Contact us at (573) 735-4528 for rates on the following trucking services.

Freight Trucks

Freight Van Trailers

Ren Potterfield’s fleet of van trailers are 48-feet or 53-feet long, providing the capacity and security for nearly any type of cargo, as well as sound protection from the elements. With 50 years of hauling experience, and expert drivers, Ren Potterfield Trucking can move freight in a safe and timely manner.

Bottle Truck


Ren Potterfield Trucking works with ten bottle trailers, which are used to transport anhydrous ammonia for use on farmer’s fields throughout the region. As farmers have cleared more and more land for larger and larger crops, trucks hauling fertilizer bottles are a must in the Midwest, and Ren Potterfield Trucking can meet that need.

Dump Trucks

Dump Trailers

The dump trailers fielded by Ren Potterfield Trucking are all Class 8 capacity trailers and ANF qualified, capable of hauling all types of aggregate loads including dry fertilizer. Ren Potterfield started in the trucking business with a dump truck he purchased for just over $5,500 after getting out of the military in 1959.

Liquid Trucks

Liquid Tanks

The liquid tank trailers in the Ren Potterfield fleet are designed to handle nearly any type of bulk liquid a customer would need transported. Moving to transport of liquid materials is just one way in which Ren Potterfield trucking has worked to diversify what it hauls to accommodate shifts in the trucking business.